Why don’t you list your prices online? 

We are a bespoke coaching practice, not a mass market “cookie cutter” company. Every training program is tailored to the individual athlete and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients needs. We have found these individual needs vary broadly and we prefer to share pricing information that is relevant to a given athlete. If you’d like to learn more, please apply to one of our coaching programs or contact us.

I’m new to the sport of Cycling or Triathlon, is TPG a good fit for me? 

Yes, we enjoy working with all levels of athletes here at TPG. Whether your goal is to complete your first fondo, finish your first Ironman, win an event such as Leadville or Unbound, or simply use physical training to provide structure for your pursuit of overall health and wellness, we are here to support you.

Why don’t you have any pre-made training plans? 

Every athlete is different. Life stress, time available to train, goals in and out of sport, family, work, all of these have to be taken into consideration when designing a training program. We firmly believe there is no one size fits all plan. If 1/1 coaching is not currently within reach, as a starting point we recommend looking into our cycling plan created in partnership with Tower 26.

Why do I have to apply, why can’t I just sign up online? 

Before welcoming any new client we want to ensure that TPG is the right fit for you. We strive to deliver the best possible coaching experience and we have found that understanding each athlete’s unique needs is crucial to doing so.

I don’t have any desire to race, but I’d like some structure and I am looking to improve my overall fitness. Is TPG only for “racing” athletes or is there a place for me?

There is absolutely a place for you! As we like to say at TPG, we train for life. Racing is not a prerequisite to reap the positive benefits of a coaching relationship.