Talansky Performance Group

We believe that sport is about more than performance: It’s a way of life.

Performance + Lifestyle

Our most popular coaching tier embodies our belief that for the majority of athletes sport is about more than performance.


Our exclusive Executive coaching program is designed to support individuals looking for the most complete coaching experience or those with exceptionally demanding life schedules seeking to achieve peak performance.


We reserve a small number of spots for athletes who are focused on Elite and Professional performance. Open to both aspiring elites as well as current professionals.

What We Do

  • Support our clients in reaching their full athletic potential
  • Utilize sport as a tool to increase resilience, define purpose, and build community
  • Customize a plan to meet your needs. What some might view as obstacles we view as opportunities for growth and adaptation
  • Develop the necessary mental tools to complement physical fitness in order to excel on race day

Who We Are

A performance and wellness focused organization founded by former professional cyclist Andrew Talansky. With a focus on endurance sports, our coaching philosophy is based on crafting sustainable training programs to create lifelong athletes. We don’t just train for sport, we train for life.