Coaching Tiers

All of our coaching programs on offer at TPG are 1:1 and involve direct contact with Andrew. If you are unsure of which tier might be the best fit for you feel free to reach out to us.

Performance + lifestyle

  • Plans within this tier are available to support the new athlete or the seasoned competitor
  • Bespoke training program crafted by Andrew Talansky
  • Up to 4 hours per month of call/video time with Andrew
  • Choose from 2x per week or daily training data review
  • Choose from 2x per week or unlimited training plan modifications
  • Monthly virtual goal setting session and training recap with Andrew
  • Included consultations prior to goal events regarding race day tactics, equipment, and nutrition strategy
  • Plans begin at $400/month


  • An unprecedented level of adaptability and customization as well as unparalleled access to Andrew. This plan is our most “hands on” offering with very few limitations
  • Work directly with Andrew to develop the mental tools to see you through the toughest moments of your goal events
  • Designed to support individuals looking for the most complete coaching experience or those with exceptionally demanding life schedules seeking to achieve peak performance
  • Monthly in person goal setting and training sessions with Andrew
  • 1 physiological testing session per 6 month period included
  • Plans begin at $1,000/month


  • Our most sports performance focused program designed to support those striving for athletic excellence at the elite or professional level
  • Athletes applying must be willing and able to dedicate the time, and make the sacrifices necessary, to achieve their goals
  • Inquire for pricing

Cycling Subscription Program in Partnership with Tower 26

We know that 1:1 coaching isn’t for everyone, but we also believe that everyone should have access to a proper training structure to guide them on their athletic journey. With this in mind, we have partnered with Tower 26, the world renowned triathlon training group founded by Gerry Rodrigues. Together, we have created a cycling program that is accessible to everyone. Learn more and sign up at T-26 Cycling.